Curator Defense is a homebrewed blend of the Real-Time-Strategy and Puzzle genres. The player must defend his museum from the hordes of modern art that attempt to raid his storeroom in hopes of being put on the main floor. Using an array of unique defensive objects, the player must stun, slow, and eventually defeat each wave of modern art.

After successfully completing the first two years of his bachelor's degree at DigiPen: Institute of Technology, David Howe is now working on Curator Defense in his spare time while he finishes his Computer Science degree at Central Washington University. All of CD's code, 2D and 3D artwork, sound effects and everything else were created solely by David.

As the longstanding curator of a Museum of Fine Arts, it is your duty to protect the sanctity of its works. Your benefactors stubbornly believe that modern art does not belong in your museum; as your paycheck comes from them, you must uphold their wishes. An association of local curators known as MARTIA (Modern ART Is Art), on the other hand, feels that your museum should reflect a more balanced representation of the art world.

Some of the more radical members of MARTIA have taken several, recent pieces of their collections and installed robot-like intelligence so that they can move of their own accord. Word has reached your museum that tonight is the night MARTIA plans to coordinate a stream of seemingly endless waves of their modern art against your store room. Should any of their work reach your store room, your brain-dead staff will place MARTIA's art on your walls.

To thwart this midnight attack, your benefactors have donated 100 Museum Bucks (the Museum Gift Shop's currency) for you to begin fortifying your museum. Thankfully, the next door Museum Supply Shop has agreed to exchange your Museum Bucks for their wares. With an arsenal of their defensive gizmos and gadgets at your side, you should be able to defend your museum. Prevent this attack on your museum from ruining your career; grab your thinking cap and get the job done!

A lot of time and effort has gone into the production of Curator Defense. The following statistics provide a better idea of how much time was spent where.

Number of Lines:
% of Project:
   Total Lines:
   Lines of Code:
   Lines of Comments:
   Blank Lines:

% of Project:
   Total Art Assets:
   3D Models w/Textures:
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   Development Time:
7 Months or 210 Days
   Average Time Spent per Day:
6.5 Hours/Day
   Estimated Total Work:
900 Hours
   Estimated Soda/Pop Consumed:
(For Development Purposes Only)
119.28 Liters
   Total Online Releases:
(Prior to v1.0)
10 Releases
   Number of Pages:
842 at 12pt

All work copyright David B. Howe 2005