With a total of 25 waves of enemies, Curator Defense promises a challenge that will keep players coming back for more. The enemies in Curator Defense are modeled after objects and paintings you might see in a modern art museum. For now, the stats have been disabled as they are still being tweaked and balanced.

The Red Cube is the first of the waves of modern art sent against the museum. It is not intended to be difficult-- just something to get you started.

Paper Pushers are fast and agile; they die quickly, however.

The Black on White is another fairly easy target to take down. It can be destroyed almost as quickly as it was created.

Mini Towers look a lot tougher than they really are. Just remember: the taller they are...

The Brick Stack is the first difficult enemy to defeat due to its high amount of hitpoints and the fact that its 10th enemy is a boss; it is twice the size and has twice as many hit points. Brick Stack's only weakness is its tremendously slow speed.

Flobben Flooper's are straight out of Modern Art School 101. They are fast and furious, but they fall about easily due to their haphazard, thrown-together design.

Dotted Cubes (who strongly dislike being called "Dice") have an additional helping of hitpoints, and a fairly decent speed. You will need a fair amount of luck to topple these boxes.

Back from the dead with a thirst for revenge, Red Cube's Ghost is your first invisible encounter. You will need specially designed Ghost Detectors to even see these enemies. If you haven't created any by the time these hit, you're in big trouble.

Handy Work's are anything but helpful. However, they are far from the evil beasts that follow them: you shouldn't have much difficulty taking them out to recess.

Essence of Cow, aka Cow Juice, aka Milk Carton, eats little kids for breakfast. Watch out for this wave-- rumors have it a boss is in its midst.

Known to anyone but an artist as "bunch of forks", fall is a quick-moving, versatile enemy.

The Metal Bug's greatest asset is its cute looks. Many a curator has been left in the dust by this devilish piece of art.

A modern art classic, this clearly took time and patience to create. It just makes you think... what DOES lie in darkness? I guess we'll never know.

The second ghost encounter isn't too much more terrible than the first. Just be sure to have your Ghost Detectors handy!

Bread Eater's may not be the quickest adversary you'll encounter-- but they are one of the toughest. Apparently, whoever created them decided to use one of the strongest metal alloys ever discovered!

As intriguing as the Musical Notebook looks, it can quickly make its way to your storage room if left unchecked.

Just looking at the tortured souls pictured in Sadness is enough to bring tears to any human.

The third ghost encounter is the nastiest yet. With tough armor AND invisibility, these can swiftly bring about your own end.

Flownage? Seriously, who came up with that? Someone must really be running out of ideas here...

The Giant Smileys are quick-moving and have a boss goading them forward. Make sure you are ready for this tough wave.

Gum in a Bottle... now there's an idea! Fortunately, this enemy doesn't move too quick.

Juice-- not apple or orange-- is average in every way except its name.

Bread Eater's ghost is the final invisible wave we've been notified about. Make sure you have complete ghost detector coverage and take 'em out!

Extremely fast, Balances must be taken seriously. Slow signs are highly recommended!

White on white-- by far the most time-consuming work we've seen! This masterpiece is as deadly as it is amazing. Don't let your guard down-- the White on White is said to be Martia's last effort!

All work copyright David B. Howe 2005