In Curator Defense, enemies spawn at the top of the map (behind the silver entrance doors) and attempt to reach the bottom of the map (the store room). It is the player's job to prevent enemies from reaching their goal. To do this, the player can build any defense object they can afford in any pattern they see fit. Certain combinations of defense objects perform better than others, and certain locations and "mazes" are more effective than others. With experimentation, you can find which combinations add up to success.

RULE 1: There is only one rule in Curator Defense: do not block enemies from their goal. You will regret it.

Building Defense Objects:
To build a defense object, left-click on a defense object button. Then left-click on any of the available (unused) defense positions in the museum. The correct amount of Museum Bucks will be debited from your account upon creation.

Minimize the Scoreboard:
The scoreboard, while handy at times, can get in the way. You can minimize and maximize the scoreboard by clicking on the button in its top-right corner.

Understand the Scoreboard:
From top to bottom, the scoreboard's items are:

  • Time Elapsed
  • Museum Bucks
  • Lives Remaining
  • Current Wave
  • Points Earned

Use the Radius Selector:
When defense objects with range are selected, the radius selector appears to indicate that object's range. Use this helpful feature to make your defense strategy as effective and efficient as possible.

Banisters Need Ropes:
Enemies can legally pass through two banisters diagonal to one another. Be sure that you organize your defense in such a way that banisters are connected with ropes (horizontally or vertically).

Hold ALT for Enemy Info:
Important enemy information can be displayed for all enemies at the same time by holding the ALT key. This includes the enemy's condition, as well as whether or not they are being slowed (yield-sign) or stunned (stop-sign).

Damage Info:
When enemies are damaged, the exact amount of damage done against them floats above them. The more red numbers you see-- the better!

Paintings for Life:
As enemies reach your storeroom, a painting representing that enemy replaces one of the priceless masterpieces adorning your museum walls. When all of your paintings are replaced, the game is over.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade:
Several defenses can be upgraded using the toolbar in the bottom-left corner of the user interface. Make use of the ones that fit your playstyle!

Quick Menu:
Press ESC while in the game to bring up the Quick Menu. While the game reset and main menu buttons are not functional yet, you can find a quit button there now.

Copy MP3-based music files to your InstallDirector\Music folder to listen to music in Curator Defense. Volume is adjustable from the menu, and the next song may be played via the shown button.

All work copyright David B. Howe 2005