About David Howe

Currently residing in Seattle, WA, I am a Director of Product with a passion for working with all disciplines that go into making exceptional digital products. I've been playing and creating video games for almost as long as I can remember, and building websites / applications since the dawn of the Internet and it's blazing speeds on 9600 baud modems. Since college I have had the privilege of working on handheld gaming platforms like Nintendo DS, TV Games and iOS, as well as the awesome opportunity to cofound a successful tech startup headquartered in Kansas City. I'm currently at Ritani helping transform the engagement ring and luxury jewelry e-commerce space with an omni-channel business model. If you do not have time to peruse my resume, there are three things you should know about me:

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    Detail Oriented

    "David is really strong in all areas, especially in project management and with his interpersonal skills. David pays extreme attention to detail in every aspect of product creation, design and development. He is positive and brings out the best in any team environment. He gets stuff done on time and under budget."

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    "David’s excellent upbeat can-do attitude makes him very easy to work with. He is able to clearly communicate even the most complex development issues allowing the whole team, even the least technical folks to be included. David’s wide skillset gives him a unique ability to bridge the gaps between departments."

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    "David has the talent, energy and enthusiasm of ten product managers. He has the rare quality of being able to understand both the technical and business issues of a software partnership and make success from often complex relationships. With David's leadership and passion the product team was always on target."