Entertainment Rewards

Real rewards for engaging
with TV and celebrity content


SMS Integration

Intuitive web app with
real-time text services


Powerful Search

Optimized database with
advanced AJAX integration


Interactive UX

Strong/lean use of JavaScript
for slick, app-like experiences

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    Custom & Prefab

    Experience with completely custom solutions from scratch and with out-of-the-box platforms like WordPress and Joomla. Strong at deciding when to use each for both simple websites designed to excite and attract and full-blown, data-driven web apps that are as much about functionality as they are look and feel.

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    Modern & Consistent

    Tool belt includes the latest bells and whistles in front-end dev, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript (jQuery, Mootools, etc.). Emphasis on building products that use modern technology when available but gracefully degrade to other equally functional and clean, on-brand aesthetics when an older browser is in use.

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    SQL & NoSQL

    Familiarity with relational databases like MySQL, as well as with the more recently in vogue NoSQL movement, specifically CouchDB and MongoDB. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and should be selected based on the needs of the platform and the individual skill sets and backgrounds of the engineering team.

  • StorageFront

    The project that kicked our startup Red Nova Labs into full-speed ahead mode was exactly what the Self Storage industry needed in 2009: a user-friendly, web-2.0 tech online directory that played by white-hat rules for consistent SERP rankings. By providing a wealth of analytics tools and customization options for self storage owner operators, StorageFront changed the game and upped the ante for its competitors. All self storage facilities automatically received their own free listing (ground-breaking for the industry) and then a host of improvements came with the premium level service.

    StorageFront is currently a leading competitor with and is well respected within the self storage industry; it is always a big presence at national conventions.


    • Hat Hat
      product manager

      Responsible for managing the engineering and quality assurance personnel on the project. Built and maintained product milestones and inter-department schedules for first two years of product lifetime.

    • Hat Hat

      Worked on front-end coding and middle-tier data pipeline programming for both new features and to stabilize existing features between patch cycles.

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  • LenderStreet

    Launched at the height of the mortgage crisis in mid 2010, LenderStreet is a beautifully designed labor of love. Lenderstreet takes many of the ingredients that worked in StorageFront and applies them towards the home lending lead-generation business. Much like love matchmaking sites like Match.com and eHarmony, the goal with LenderStreet was to match a mortgage lender to a home buyer or owner looking to refinance based on a number of criteria. When lenders sign up for the service, they fill out a quick survey on their expertise which our matchmaking algorithm then uses to help loan seekers find a lender that best matches their search criteria.

    Like StorageFront, LenderStreet provides a host of aesthetic and content customization options for lenders to give them a way to stand out from their competitors and get an advantage on SERPs.


    • Hat Hat
      product manager

      Built and maintained the engineering team responsible for building the LenderStreet platform. Worked with our internal Marketing department to create and commit to an aggressive release and maintenance schedule.

    • Hat Hat

      General front-end and middle-tier programming across the site. Most proud of lender page design structure that lets lenders completely tailor their page to their liking with a highly intuitive custom editor in the admin area.

  • WebWorks Platform

    Taking the Self Storage industry by surprise in 2011, WebWorks launched as a full-service website solution for owner operators. This high quality, competitively priced product offers state-of-the-art, custom-tailored websites with industry-leading administrative, analytic and customization support in the admin area. Clients work with our company's top-notch design team to realize the website they've always dreamed of, and then our engineering team builds out that vision and hooks it into our custom platform.

    WebWorks is a tremendously successful platform with several thousand facilities listed throughout its network of websites. Clients receive regular product updates that include a bevy of new features like an enhanced storage calculator, a customer reviews system, SEO updates to stay up-to-date with Google and Bing and so much more.


    • Hat Hat
      product manager

      Designed specifications for initial four release clients, worked with Sales and Marketing teams to build schedules and deliverables, and managed engineering team through launch and beyond into upgrade and maintenance patches.

    • Hat Hat

      Helped code initial four release clients plus designed and programmed entire admin area to manage content, user permissions and render analytics. Have helped 30+ clients and prepared/deployed dozens of patches. Backend powered by CouchDB.

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  • StorageAhead

    StorageAhead is the parent website for Red Nova Labs' self-storage-related products. Its job is to keep the industry informed about trends and changes that can affect our customers' bottom line. From regularly scheduled webinars from our team of in-house experts to a full-service blog with SEO strategies and tips and industry news, StorageAhead is not just a product overview website, but also an abundant resource for owner operators to check in with to stay up-to-date.

    The website features two advanced features for potential clients to play with: a Themes Preview page for our WebReady product line that lets users pick a series of options to get an idea of what their WebReady site will look like, and a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator that lets owner operators input several key factors to then understand how our products can give them the edge they need in their market.


    • Hat Hat

      Built on WordPress, responsible for technical planning and construction of site, as well as maintenance and feature additions. Also added in chef for automatic server deployment/management convenience.

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  • BuzzMeDo

    A text services web application targeting the food industry, BuzzMeDo is all about helping the small, local restaurants connect with their fans and build repeat customers. Client restaurants place table-tents with special deals awarded to customers that text a keyword (oftentimes their waiter's name) to a reserved phone number for each restaurant. Our software would then match that keyword with the deal for that restaurant and send it back to the customer. The diner gets the free dessert, breadsticks, salad (or whatever) and the restaurant gets that customer's phone number in their BuzzMeDo database.

    Our clients can then login to their web-based admin area and send out custom text campaign deals at specified dates/times in the future. Campaigns frequently consist of tens-of-thousands of text messages all being sent out within a 30-minute guaranteed window.


    • Hat Hat

      Built version 3 of the BuzzMeDo front-end and middle-tier code base, both the customer and admin facing portions of the product. Heavy AJAX use for fully interactive feel while campaigns are being sent and data is updating in real time. Backend powered by MongoDB.

    • Hat Hat

      Designed edited and did voice work for a variety of promotional and tutorial videos for prospective and existing clients.

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  • Wetpaint

    Wetpaint is the entertainment and celebrity news site for millennial women, with more than 18mm uniques and 90mm visits. Recently acquired by Viggle, Wetpaint was the first online publisher to offer Viggle Points integration, providing its millions of users with opportunities to earn points towards real rewards like music, tv shows and more for watching original video content on the site.

    Wetpaint.com has a wealth of A/B test back-end analytics tools built-in that allow business stakeholders to make on-the-fly decisions based on core metrics and data aggregation. Wetpaint has always been a site based on the idea of experimentation: instead of debating for hours on end about the finer points one UX can offer over another, we believe in the idea of "well let's try them both out and see what happens!" This approach has offered countless lessons in the way this particular audience behaves, what they will and will not engage with, and how they want to interact with content, leading to better and better decisions with every release.


    • Hat Hat
      product manager

      Led key acquisition goal to integrate Viggle Points into Wetpaint.com, resulting in more than 1M new registrations in 3 months and a company record of 18mm unique visitors.

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